At Soulfish our training is delivered to help trainees become confident with programs so they can execute projects at industry level.

Training is tailored so that delegates can understand the software in a way that directly improves their specific requirements. This is made possible as all courses are privately scheduled enabling us to develop appropriate skills. We also encourage attendees to practice on live documents enabling the trainer to assist with real situations.

All our training is carried out at you’re work location. So you don’t have to spend time travelling to an unfamiliar location or pay any hefty travel costs.

Courses include: Adobe InDesign / Adobe Illustrator 
Adobe / Photoshop
(All courses cover Intro, Intermediate 
and Advanced levels).

We are able to keep our pricing competitive by targeting a particular range of software applications. There are no sales teams or booking agencies, we adopt a personal approach so you can talk to the trainer directly prior to booking to help customise your course.

Referance material is provided with each course along with 12 weeks of support (email or phone). Training can be arranged at a convenient date with the added bonus of flexible start and finish times.